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kirstyk4 wrote: I am starting to reintroduce more carbs this week at your suggestions (after over two months on the diet).

Hi, Kirsty.

If you’re talking about testing foods you’ve not eaten on the diet previously, I don’t remember telling you to test foods that could possibly cause Candida symptoms. Exactly which foods are you speaking of?

It seems that only a week or so ago we were discussing the fact that you needed to change probiotics. If you’ve done that, then a new probiotic can cause gas until your body has adapted to the newly added bacteria.

The problem with gas during a Candida infestation is that it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what’s causing it because both the infestation itself and the dying Candida can cause it. Of course, newly introduced foods can also cause bloating/gas.

The herb ‘ginger’ can help with Candida-produced gas.