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I never really thought of it as throat closing up feeling, but in fact I guess that’s what it is (it gets to a point where I feel I can’t stand it and have to clear my throat of seemingly non-existent mucous.. sort of like I can’t breathe. I never cough anything up.. if anything it seems to just move a bit, providing a few seconds of relief, and then slides back into place. Is this like what you are experiencing?

wishnhope: I do kind of cough up some secretion from my throat, sometimes, so it’s not really a dry cough. The lump feels more like a tight throat, I can feel the pill go down when I swallow it, and sometimes it feels as the throat is just tight for food. I did notice that if I manage to refrain from coughing, it’s better and it lasts shorter. Since I’m on a diet the cough subsided. I still cough a little sometimes, rare though, in the morning mostly, but not after almost any meal like it was getting before the diet. The lump was getting pretty bad before the diet, now it gets better sometimes, but it’s there mostly. Sometimes is worse, sometimes it’s better.

I had my thyroid checked (bloodwork and ultrasound) so it is probably not that. One doctor explained it as a spasm from a bad cough I had, but I don’t think it would be changing if it was spasm. Spasm is either there or not.

We will have to wait and see if it goes away. I’m kind of sick and tired of doctors so I need a break from them 🙂