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raster wrote: I would consider trying out zypan next if the betaine HCL doesn’t work. I never tried betaine HCL so am unsure how effective it is; it sounds like others liked how it works though.

I believe the gas is from fermenting foods in the gut; in time, as you improve your digestion, it should improve or go away.

Are you eating meat right now? Someone on the forum mentioned that when the reduced/eliminated meat consumption, the gas went away…


Hello raster and thank you for answering! 🙂

I don’t eat meat at all, not even once a week. I stopped the once-a-week-chicken-or-fish a while a go. Since I wanted my diet to be more effective. Although, meat won’t give me gas like vegetables do. I read somewhere that Betaine HCL was for better digesting meat and not vegetables, but it might be wrong.

It’s just so frustrating, I feel very limited because of this problem, and my diet is very restricted and not very healthy if it’s only cucumber, zucchini and eggs.