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I had a professional colonic at the beginning of treatment. I suffered a little rectal bleeding for a few days. I don’t know how useful it was, but my die-off improved.

I wouldn’t do it again, but I am considering using enemas with S. Boulardii, kefir or probiotics, because my perception is that they can help. But, as mrs. candida says, they wash the good bacteria away. They also make the environment more alkaline, which is not conducive for (anaerobic) good bacteria. However, since the job in the first instance is to remove the bad to make way for the good, it’s ultimately, in my opinion, worth considering. When you want to create a more acidic environment to encourage good bacterial growth, you could do an enema with whey protein, or take betaine HCL, which will not be absorbed by the gut. (When I had a stool test, mine came back acidic, and I believe this was due to the betaine). This will remove any need to do a ‘remedial’ enema, I suspect.