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First of all, what a horrible design that site has. o_O

Relevant section for those that don’t want to read the whole text:

A typical colonic involves a dozen or more full fills of the colon in one session as compared to one with a good enema in less than an hour. The effect of removing the bulk of the candida albicans is significantly better with this form of colonic than it is with enemas. This is the ideal way to remove the candida from the colon. It is, in my opinion, more powerful than a good series of enemas. All the cases of candida I treated had three colonic irrigations a week for two weeks. All of them got better.

I had one patient that had symptoms for two years with erratic results even though he was on a good diet. On barium enema examination we found that he had a pocket in his colon at the cecum. This pocket apparently held a colony of candida albicans that he developed following a course of antibiotics several years earlier. He had constant relapses. We did a barium enema which showed the pocket, then took care to fully fill his colon, massaging and emptying the area of this pocket during his treatments. He completely recovered within two weeks.

Reading this strengths my conviction that enemas/colonics are the way to go, to speed the process of healing.

I’ll try to find a doctor who can prescribe me Nystatin. And I’m looking for a professional colonic now, I’ll feel more at ease if I don’t have to to it on my own..

Thanks for the advice all.