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dvjorge;47993 wrote:

You should treat the infection both ways, orally and rectally. It isn’t only antifungal retention enemas but an oral treatment plus a diet too.


Thanks Jorge, I am definitely still following the diet as close as I can and keeping up on my oral antifungals.

I feel my candida is a lot more complex than most as it was caused by a serious exposure to black mold. It’s hard for me to know any more what is the candida and what is the black mold.

I also have a very bad tooth abscess that I’ve recently noticed over a root canaled tooth so lately I’ve been wondering if my sinus and ear issues are stemming from this.

I am going to go see a dentist next week and get that tooth removed. Only thing I can do is start ruling things out because finding definitive answers has been hard to come by for me. I’ve seen 7 MD’s and had blood work done and they just keep telling me its just allergies. So frustrating.


Thanks again.