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Bear in mind I am no expert. But, I did my first enemas over the last two days (2-3 water enemas followed by Nystatin retention enemas), and I did find I exhibited some die-off symptoms after the water enemas–more so after the first one on the first night. However, I attribute this more to moving toxins around in my body than actually killing candida. I have noticed (admittedly this is only after two, so drawing conclusions would seem a bit premature) that I experience more die-off from other antifungals longer after ingesting them than I had previously. So for example, whereas before when I ate rutabaga I would experience die-off as it traveled through my small intestine (which makes me nervous because candida is not really supposed to be there), but it generally be less so by the time it reached my colon or I at least would not feel any increase in die-off when it did. Now, however, over the last two days, I have felt the effects of that rutabaga accumulate for up to six hours after eating it. My assumption would be that the candida is less protected by the detritus of my colon which the enema has now washed away.