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I love your logic and wisdome. At times when others post their crazy methods of trying to rid themselves of this ugly monster I get so upset at what they are posting but keep my mouth shut. You and Raster have proven to us over and over that it is sticking to the diet…being strong and doing what we are told and we will heal. I was just sharing with Lucy how much better I’m feeling and doing. It is almost 5 months now and I get it…this is a life style. Not a quick fix. But a way of life for me. Honestly I feel so much better now than ever before.

I’m so glad you are here to help so many others. I wish you had the power to remove some of the crazy post that are here so people would not have to try and figure out if this is part of the protocal. I think people earn the name “expert” here way too easily and new people don’t know the difference between yourself a true “expert” or a nut job who likes to stir the pot.

Thanks for taking the time to read every post and attempting to set the record straight as to help the new folks who don’t know better. I can’t imagine the time and energy it takes for you guys to always be setting the record straight.

I’m always thankful and greatful to read your post.

Blessings to you.