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pdb wrote: I’ve decided to start doing enemas as I’ve read a lot lately that they speed up the whole process of getting rid of Candida, and are one of the most important things to ridding oneself of Candida completely… and of course I’m really starting to get over how restricting having an overgrowth of Candida is to my life… I’ve been doing the diet, anti-fungals, probiotics/homemade kefir and everything for about 5 months now but I want to get healthy as soon as I can, even if that means sticking a tube in my bum…………….

So basically, what’s a good Enema Kit to buy? I’ve found a fair few online and I don’t really know where to start/what’s good…

If anyone could provide info and/or links I would really appreciate it.


Do the enemas at least 3 times a week. You will see the results very fast. Remember, everything you read in the web about CRC is experimental. People have created and invented protocols to deal with this syndrome, and those protocols are what most of us follow.
The only real true we have is the experience and testimonies of other sufferers who have battled it in the past. I can tell you if you pick randomly 10 successful testimonies from Curezone, 8/10 did enemas. Contrary to what you usually read in the web, fungal colonies growth in the colon bigger than any other part of the intestines. The small intestine is an hostile environment for any microbe since it is theoretically almost sterile. Bile salts, pancreatic enzymes, sodium bicarbonate, HCL create an environment very difficult for any microbe. The home of the friendly flora, and the place where fermentation, putrefaction occur is the colon. That is the favorite place for candida. What you take by mouth reach the colon in low concentration because most is absorbed before with the exception of Nystatin or other poor absorbed substance. Anyway, Nystatin reaches the colon very diluted since it has a long road before to get there.

I can say Nystatin enemas has given me a progress and an speed to get well that I couldn’t find with anything else.