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dvjorge has posted some interesting info on both enemas and murcery in fillings. A contrast to what able has mentioned. Able however also brings some sound science to the table and so that has helped me decide to wait.

If after 6-8 months and I am still fighting candida on stage 1, I will look into removing my fillings. I dont like enema’s the thought or the process. I dont like the idea that I would be removing good bacteria. Its kind of like buying raw milk only to pasturize it….Sure you get rid of any bad critters but you also get rid of all the benifits of raw milk so whats the point? If you do an enema three times a day for more than two days you are in fact removing good bacteria, problely are after 1 day. I am not an expert like Dvjorge and Able but I know that eating plenty of fiber cleanse your colen and really removes the need for an enema. And they can be dangerous especially after long term use. I know people like Dvjorge has had success or so they say and More power to them. But to me the whole process seems like a quick fix and not a long term solution. Dvjorge, if you have info on long term use of enemas not being harmfull, I would apreciate that info. But I dont see how a few enemas for a short term could possibly remove candida for the long term.

I also noticed dvjorge, you gave up on kefir but you were drinking the store bought stuff. Well that is pure crap compared to the real deal when making your own from kefir grains. to skip that step and go straight to enemas is a bit hard core for this candida sufferer. That said, I will not forget your advice and if my improvement to my health does not continue like it has been I will be going back to these threads.