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I think all of us make decisions for ourselves. We read and then decide on what we are going to try in hopes of healing one day. We can all do our own research and decide what’s best. I like to listen to words backed up by research or an explanation that is just plain logical.

I must say as an observer that several posts turned into a battle between people on the forum. Jorge, your words do seem harsh and do seem to be pointed against Able and protocol. As you say in your last post, this may not have been your intention but keep in mind that written word does not have emotions and it could be interpreted any way a reader feels about what’s written, not necessarily the way you wanted. I learned to be careful about writing English (it’s a second language for me) and I read it over and over before sending something. I also tend to over-explain things because I feel that I didn’t do enough good of a job in foreign language. Still working on that. Every time I quickly write a note I am sorry afterwords. I often insult someone unintentionally and learned to be careful.