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dvjorge wrote: Let me clarify you some things. First, this is an open forum and everyone express what they want.

Jorgie, as a warning, there’s no need to be on your toes as far research, facts, and deep thought are concerned; this isn’t a continuance of our debate, but only an explanation of my last post.

Actual statement: “Sorry, Jorge, I’m going to have to call it quits with this subject as far as posting on the forum.”

Your interpretation: “First, this is an open forum and everyone express what they want.”

There you go again, sweetheart, misinterpreting my words. God bless you man, I know you try.

You see, if you’ll read my statement ‘verrry’ carefully again, you’ll realize that I was actually referring to myself; look again and you can see the reference portrayed in the word “I’m” … which means that if I wish to continue this senseless-getting-us-nowhere debate I may choose to do so in an email or PM. K? Now, allow me to continue with the explanation/correct translation.

Quote: “Why you don’t respond arguing against the links I posted?”

Oh, I’m sorry; I guess I assumed that I made it clear why I wasn’t stating another page-long debate with your links as the subject this time around. Let me post that again for you seeing as how you totally missed it the first time. Here you go:

“The first link contains research from the University of California. I’ve also quoted California universities as my research sources.”

“Candida species are a normal part of the human microbiota and reside in low numbers in the mouth, vagina, and GI tract of healthy individuals.” Research source: Pulmonary Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan and the University of California, San Francisco. Published in PLoS Pathogens: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access”
“The second link is dead.
The third one I’ve also quoted from as my source.
The forth one I’ve also quoted from.
The fifth link; same thing.
The sixth link is dead.”
(to continue) “… what have we got here. We’ve shown that both of us can find research to prove our arguments in the same journals and from the same universities?”

Allow me to explain the statement above – just in case you read it but misunderstood the intention.

We have now each posted researched ‘proof’ of our particular arguments and opinions as far as this debate is concerned — FROM THE SAME SOURCES. Truly sorry about the caps, but I really wanted to be sure you see it this time. Now, in my mind – at least – that means we’re both now wasting our time with the responses. Call me crazy, but that feels just a little silly to me, not to mention childish.

Continuing my actual meaning in the original statement; if you wish to continue our senseless debate on these links, etc. which this has now turned into, you’ll have to check your PM’s or email to see my responses.

You see, sweetie, I wasn’t stating that you were not to post your responses on the forum any longer, but only that I preferred not to. Now you go right ahead and post all the responses you wish to post here on the forum. Trust me, I’ll defend to the end your right to do so because, honestly, if you’d rather attempt to slander my name to the forum, exhibit your out-of-control emotions, and share your little fairy tales about me with the forum members, well by golly that’s also your right, and you go for it my dear man. In the end, it’s really all about our freedom of speech. Right?

Forever yours, Able