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pdb wrote: I’ve decided to start doing enemas as I’ve read a lot lately that they speed up the whole process of getting rid of Candida, and are
one of the most important things to ridding oneself of Candida completely

Thanks for the humor, it’s exhibited far too little on the forum sometimes.

Can you post the link that contains the statement above that I’ve underlined? I seriously doubt that you’ve found any substantial research containing a statement such as that.

First, you can’t rid the body completely of Candida, and even if you could, it would be harmful to your health. The benign form of Candida yeast is found in all human beings just like beneficial bacteria are. So if you’ve always had and are always going to have a certain amount of Candida in your body, what would suddenly cause it to become a dangerous fungal pathogen? This happens when the environment in the intestines and colon become too alkaline. The alkalinity environment will turn the Candida growth gene on which allows the yeast to turn into its fungal form known as Candida albicans. This fungal form of Candida is what becomes the overgrowth or what we call the Candida infestation.

Second, I would love for whoever wrote the statement that an enema is “one of the most important things to ridding oneself of Candida completely” to explain how an enema which will barely reach the end of the colon is going to remove billions and billions of Candida cells all along the length of the intestines when the combined length of the large and small intestines is approximately 25 feet in an average size adult. If nothing else can prove how ridiculous that statement is, using common sense and logic should.

Thinking about the benign Candida turning into its fungal form when the intestines and colon become too alkaline, how do you suppose an enema is going to change the environment of the intestines and colon back to acidic which is the only way of removing the infestation and turning the growth gene off? It isn’t. In fact, all it can possibly do is to remove a tiny fraction of the entire infestation in the colon along with the beneficial bacteria from the colon where they’re needed to change the alkaline environment back to the normal acidic form. If you think that this could possibly slow down the progress of the treatment, you’re probably right.