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Hi Sunny!

I have high estrogen, lots of fibroids, and I haven’t had a proper breast exam in a while. My thyroid is low, but my cycle has ALWAYS been regular. I’m certain all of these problems are from Candida. I had yeast infections for a decade and didn’t treat them because they were undiagnosed. One day the yeast infections stopped then all my mysterious health problems started. I consider all these health problems to be symptoms from my systematic Candida.

I also consider my depression to be a symptom of Candida, in fact it’s been getting way better in recent weeks. The depression got very bad as a part of die off, so I can understand how that can weaken your willpower. Some days I have an overwhelming sense of optimism and all I can think is “who am I?” It makes me wonder if I’ve been out of touch with the real me for years.

Do you take Chelated Molybdenium? I would suggest taking more vitamin C, and what about caprylic adic, or coconut oil.

I also think you should take your Candida treatment into your own hands, don’t expect the endocrinologist to help you with Candida.

I wish you the best!