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thank you Mrs. Candida for responding. I am not taking any Molybdenium but I guess I should, and no caprylic acid either. But I am taking coconut oil, I also am taking MegaFlora with DDS-1 but only 20-40 Billion each day. I was on Renew Life 80 billion a day which seemed to help better. I need a liver flush but I have no gallbladder. I also give up on any doctors helping with the candida that is why its hard for me to do the necessary research online and look for help here. I go to my local health food store and they say “we don’t carry that anymore” or “have you tried candia cleanse” So it looks like I have to order this stuff. My die-off isn’t as bad as it used to be, I remember the bad die-off days. I’m wondering how to incorporate caprylic acid with diflucan, and how much and how long to take it. Also I will get the moly-B, but how much to start with? liver flush?

PS. I eat lots of raw garlic, raw rutabega, and raw coconut.
I am going to endo to rule out anything else. I also tested negative for parasites and ovum last week