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Hi Mark.

First time: I soaked all I couldnt get to (wood underneath etc) with tea tree oil. I went thru tons of the stuff (be careful it can effect teenage boys) and then did BioBalance Fog Solution and the fogger itself. NOT CHEAP we were desperate. I washed over 40 loads of clothing including everything in closets, bedding, curtains, you name it. Steam cleaned and then fogged. The fog is so thick you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

Citri Safe is where I got my products. The second go round was a disaster. Yet another hidden leak and we used ServePro. Will never, ever use them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They let the hazmat sheets fall down, blowers non-stop blowing mold back through the sheets and all throughout the house. That did it. After they removed the molded floors there was still visible mold so I did up above all over again.

Tons of nasal compounded antibiotics for over a year and the anti fungals like gentomycin and amphetericin B. Deadly crap!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you get that mold out soon. Ours tested high for 3 kinds:(