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Hi Mrs Carly. I feel for you with the hunger, it’s certainly tough at the start. I’ve found that buckwheat bread (look at the recipe threads) & cooked buckwheat have been a life saver. Also I’ve found plain buckwheat crispbread thats a handy filler too. My daily diet would look something like:-

Breakfast – 3 poached organic eggs on buckwheat bread (spread with coconut flour). I realise you can’t have eggs so how about avocado?

Late morning – Chicken “gruel”!! Every few days I boil up the bones of an organic chicken, throw loads of veg in, a few handfuls of buckwheat to thinken… cook tthrough, season & blitz. Makes a nice thick soup. a big bowl of it certainly fills a gap.

Early Afternoon – A mix of all types of salad leaves, rocket, pea sprouts, alfafa, an avodaco, homemade coleslaw/ dressing, maybe some leftover chicken or a tin of sardines or wild salmon.

Late afternoon – Buckwheat crispbreads with coconut oil. I found some black olive pate today (just black olives, olive oil, salt) so thats nice and tasty on them.

Dinner – either organic chicken or some sort of wild fish. The fish is tasty spread with coconut oil and baked/ grilled. Served with roast veg (I do several days worth at a time – slow cook eggplant, red onion, white onion, garlic, zucchini, loadsa olive oil, salt & pepper – cover tightly so it goes mushy and holds the flavour rather than crisping & drying out). I usually have a few days worth of mashed swede in the fridge too – this serves instead of potatoes. Jerusalem artichokes every 2nd day… either mashed or roasted in chunks – they’re v tasty. And then some steamed veg like broccoli or spinach too. Having such a wide selection of veg I could easily go without the chicken/ fish every 3rd day… but you have to make sure all the rest is pretty tasty and also looks good on the plate otherwise its just not going to satisfy!

Late snack – I usually don’t need one after the big dinner but I’ve made up a sweet zucchini cake which satisfies any late night sugar cravings – recipe on the recipe thread.

Throughout the day I drink lemon squeezed into hot water, probably 12 mugs. Always have one nearby… even in a travel mug when I’m in the car! This probably staves off any hunger too.

Best of luck with it… I hope you work out soon what suits and what fills you up.