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Hello, and welcome to the forum. Your story is very typical for almost anyone who has visited a doctor in order to obtain directions for a Candida cure.

Quote: I am very annoyed by this as I have continued to drink my coffee and take my probiotics.

Reply: I’m guessing you’re read our opinions concerning coffee, with our without caffeine.

Quote: Anyone heard of syntol?

Reply: Syntol generally contains a 13.5-billion count and eight strains of beneficial bacteria. This is alright for the first month or so, but it wouldn’t work on a long term basis, it’s just too weak. After finishing the bottle, you should change to a higher count and more strains.

The following link is the forum’s general protocol, the one we’ve been telling the members about for months, and it seems to be helping most of them if not all.

Let us know if you have questions.