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Good evening, Mrs. Carly.

You seem to be eating an awful lot of animal protein which really doesn’t have a positive effect on a Candida infestation. One reason is the ammonia that’s released from the protein when it breaks down in the body. Ammonia is beneficial to the Candida, and not your liver which is already working hard to remove the toxins released by both the dying and living Candida. Try sticking mostly to organ eggs for your protein, and adding fish and organic chicken (if possible) to your meals three or four times a week for at least a while. You really should be eating pork or beef at all during the treatment.

You should definitely remove all nuts and seeds from your diet for at least a month, and then perhaps eat on almonds a few times a week for another month or two. Nuts generally are hard on the digestive system, plus they all contain a certain amount of mold which is detrimental to the Candida treatment.

You mentioned both oatmeal and whole wheat products; if you’re eating regular supermarket oatmeal, this can feed the Candida, so can all wheat, even whole wheat. An excellent oat product which is acceptable for the diet is organic oat bran made by Bob’s Red Mill. Amazon carries this product.

If you’ve not already done so, you really should read the “Allowed Foods” post.

Let us know if you have questions.