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Mrs.Carly wrote: Thanks for the suggestions…the diet is more difficult for me because of the 20 something foods that i showed a reaction to. Most of these foods were of course things that I ate daily, like eggs.

Hi Mrs, Carly! I have trouble with my health and diet for many many years and even I tried and try to figure out what I am allergic too and write a daily food journal. I am not managing to get it straight what I am allergic too.

When I have a reaction I think ahh, that’s it. So I stop with it but still I am feeling bad. Then after some days I might try it again. I want to get one single week symptom free so I can test single foods. I never managed to get that start. I even went on a fasting, thinking if I don’t eat anything I will get my start. But it didn’t work out either hundred percent, it worked some but I didn’t get totally sympthomfree. Maybe the candia was dying off while fasting and I felt terrible from that. I have no Idea. Can you tell me what you did to be so sure that you are allergic to which food?

What are the most reliable testing s for food? When I ask my doctor he said that one cant test food. I should write down what I eat. I do this for 8 month now but I am not wiser.