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Yea, I’ve been following the program as was given to me by my holistic doctor (the first 3 weeks). In the past 2 weeks I’ve cut out pretty much all starches, and fruits. My meals consist of chicken, lean beef, lean ground pork, turkey breast, fish, and shrimp. My carbs are mainly from green veggies (Okra, spinach, lettuce, etc.). My fats come from coconut oil, olive oil, flax seeds and avocado. Calories average 1300-1500 per day, carbs are usually less than 60 grams per day. I notice that I get headaches almost daily and had a bad headache today. I’ve stopped drinking coffee, and this is my second day not drinking coffee. Even so, when I DID drink coffee, it has never been more than a half a cup. I’m not a huge coffee drinker. I’m wondering if I should cut nuts out of my diet too. I notice that although I love almonds, walnuts, and seeds, I get some stomach discomfort after eating them. On a good note, I’ve lost 12 pounds in the past 5 weeks. My weight is much easier to keep off than before. I’ve always struggled with weight loss, but after discovering that “good for you foods” like oatmeal, whole wheat products, and glutenous products are REALLY REALLY REALLY bad for my body. I can’t tolerate it at all.

I’m just still concerned that I’m “cheating”. I don’t mean to, but because of the headaches I’m wondering if I’m still consuming something that I should not.

Thanks for your help