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fscott wrote: I am sorry that you have had to suffer so long with this problem. I’ve found that my candida-related breath issues can be kept under control by doing two things:

1.) I put a good amount of sea-salt on my tongue, leaving it there for about five minutes before spitting it out.

2.) After rinsing out the salt, I open up a probiotic capsule and pour the contents onto my tongue. I then use my toothbrush to spread the probiotic all over the tongue surface. I keep the probiotic in my mouth anywhere from 5-20 minutes before swallowing. I usually don’t use a whole capsule; the amount you use will vary with the strength of the probiotic.

These things have helped me significantly over the last few weeks. I am hoping that it is a long term solution and that they remain effective in the future. I usually repeat these steps 2-3 times throughout the day.

Hope this helps. Whether or not you have candida, I would think these things could prove effective against the bacteria causing your bad breath.

(Also, don’t use table salt. I’ve heard that it can be harmful.)

Thanks for your tips. They helped me too! 😉