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Ichigo, I didn’t have time to keep checking the board (I sure wish the forum would send an email when there are replies!)…so I’m just coming back now after you notified me by message.

I remembered that I have an experience more recent than the one I mentioned. In the last 5-10 years, my brother and my grandfather both developed problems with bad breath, and they started using TheraBreath products, which really controlled the problem:

I think your problem is worse than theirs, but this might be worth a try.

Maybe you know the following already, but do some research if you hadn’t heard about it yet. To have good breath, you need to have very healthy intestinal bacteria. I don’t have links to share about that (and no time to look), but I’ve heard this mentioned at health lectures I attended years ago. Find the best probiotics you can find and take lots of them! (But start slowly, of course, in case you have candida die-off.) Eat yogurt, fermented foods, etc. and don’t do anything that kills your good bacteria (antibiotics, chlorinated water, bad diet, etc.).

You asked somewhere else how to avoid losing weight on the candida diet. In my opinion, it’s not possible. I’ve never know anyone who followed a candida diet who didn’t become very thin. Unless you are SURE you have candida overgrowth, I don’t recommend following the strict diet. Find one of those online questionnaires about candida and figure out whether candida is really your problem. If you decide to follow the diet, I think you should be sure to use plenty of fat (like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, meat with fat, etc.) for energy, since you aren’t getting much carbohydrate.

I will try to remember to check back and see how you’re doing!