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Sorry for the late reply flamingo.

I don’t get the metallic taste anymore, but still get the strong smell whenever I try to open my mouth. It is strong but because I got used to it I can’t tell what smell it is anymore. I think that candida alone is not the main culprit. I agree to what you said that It could be the meat or foods we eat that gives different smells of our breath.

During my first 1 week of only eating veggies and few weeks after that, I am sure that my breath got better. My tongue’s color became pinkish too. But when I slowly eat more meat (more on white meat) the strong smell started again. But no more, sewage, metallic tastes like before. Also the white coating came back but I think it have the normal white coating on my tongue.

Until now I am following the diet but there are instances when I have to eat outside which is inevitable for me. Though I am eating outside I choose the foods served does not have sugar, wheat and alcohol. I could tell the food I ate is not good because there are changes in my bowel movement, texture and color.

My problem now is that I do not know the candida is gone or not because I do not get any die off symptoms. I only got it twice. First was after 1 week of eating only veggies. Second is after one week of the first die off.

Oh yeah I also observed that Coconut aminos and apple cider vinegar contributed to the strong smell.

I hope I could be of help by sharing my experience.