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Hello, Eileen, welcome to the forum.

Your symptoms:

thrush: For the thrush you should do the oil pulling therapy. It works.

tiredness: This is part of the Candida symptoms; as the Candida is cured, the

fatigue will lessen.

mood swings: For these you might try an herb called Ashwagandha.

joint aches: Again, this is one of the Candida symptoms which will lessen as you cure the infestation. Meanwhile, if they are severe you can take ibuprofen. In several studies, ibuprofen was shown to revert certain Candida albican’s resistance to antifungal azoles.

nausea: Another of the Candida effects.

cravings: That’s the Candida wanting you to feed them what they like. As their numbers decrease, the cravings will also.

headache: The Candida albicans produce various chemicals which are toxic to the human brain as well as other parts of the body. The chemicals include alcohols, aldehydes and hydrogen sulfide. When the chemicals reach the brain they pass through the blood vessels; the natural reaction is for the blood vessels to swell as an inflammatory response, when this takes place in the brain, you can imagine how this would cause a headache.

sinus: Sinus problems during a Candida infestation is a sign of possible sinus yeast infection. Oral, nasal and vaginal yeast are a sign that the Candida fungus has infested the gastrointestinal tract to the extent of the beneficial being at an extremely low point; when this happens the immune system is most affected, and the entire body can suffer from infections.

Our complete protocol is written in one post. Please let us know if you have questions.

The protocol: