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jennyska wrote: I do not have access to organic eggs , is there any difference between them and the free-range one ? Can I eat the free-range ?
– I have that Threelac and its constantly going trough my mind , I dont want to take it now- I mean I will slowly from next week start taking antifungals but after some time when I should start probiotics, is it such a bad choice ? It doesnt contain that much yeast …

Hi, Jenny.

Organic eggs contain no antibiotics or hormones. I suppose we’re never sure whether cage free chickens are treated with these or not as it is not stipulated in the description. But if you do not have access to organic, then cage free is the only option and therefore you have no choice but to use them.

Actually the small amount of yeast in Threelac is there in order to feed the bacteria during storage and shipment and is not enough to cause harm to a person with Candida. The reason that ThreeLac will not work is because it contains only 3 strains of beneficial bacteria as opposed to a possible 14 in many brands. Plus, one packet of Threelac normally contains a count of 1 ½ billion bacteria whereas you need to start with at least 30 billion and slowly move up from that number. You can see how ridiculous 1 ½ billion is in this comparison.