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Question: when your body is really cured of candida… if you would start eating like you did before you got you into problems with candida… it would take some time for candida to multiply again or would they respond immediately and overcome your body in like a week?
I’m afraid no one can answer that. Every infestation is as different as the people who have the, so there’s no way you can predict how any one person who had once had a Candida infestation would react to an unhealthy way of eating. I doubt if you’re completely cured that it would take place immediately, however, according to the number of people who experience a relapse, I’m guessing it wouldn’t take too long.

As far as eggs are concerned, there’s actually a diet which a lot of people have used to lose weight, it’s called simply “The Egg Diet.” Here’s some information about it.

Concerning cholesterol and eggs; that idea is now history. Years ago it was proven that eggs are not harmful to your cholesterol level anymore than coconut oil is.

In 2000, the Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that in a recent study, people who ate at least 4 eggs per week had significantly lower serum cholesterol concentrations than those people who consumed only 1 egg per week.

In yet another study made in 1999 by the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 110,000 American adults were tracked for 14 years. The study reported there was no increase in the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke caused by high cholesterol among both men and women who ate seven eggs per week as opposed to those who ate 0 to 1 egg per week.

The reason for all of this is probably a substance called lecithin. There are no actual studies to prove it, but many people with high cholesterol have taken lecithin supplements in order to lower their cholesterol, and according to their reports, it works. One of the most plentiful substances of eggs is lecithin.