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Chlofloso wrote: Hi Arijana,

what a nice offer! That would be great! But do you think they’d survive the transport, since it might take a few days?

You can write me a personal message with your IBAN etc. and let me know how much the shipping is, and I’ll transfer the money in advance.

Thank you so much for your generosity!


Well I’m thinking that if I freeze them in some milk and pack them with ice, they should be fine to travel for about two to three days. It might take you few batches to get them going, but I do think that they can survive that. It’s still cold enough outside that I think it will be fine. If I find faster shipping that is bearable in terms of cost, even better!

Send me your mailing address via PM so I can ask about the shipping charges.

No need to thank me. I got them for free as well and toss a bunch every few days. Better for you to use them than me to toss them. If you cover the cost of shipping, it will not cost me anything but the time to go to the post office and that’s not so bad 🙂

I just like to pay it forward so if someone helped me, I will help someone else and so on. Life on this planet would be so much better if everyone did this once in a while…