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woah Arijana,
you really have improved but are you on nystatin (antifungal medication)? I cannot continue with the nystatin unless when I get the molybdenum it helps me. I am going to just try and work with natural antifungal foods ( coconut oil and garlic) and stay on my probiotics for a while and see how it works.

I am still having symptoms on and off – but I seem to be getting other sicknesses too – me and the baby got a vommitting bug and I also had a flu so its kind of knocking me back and I suppose I do keep playing around with my diet a little too much but I am 58kg and do not want to loose any more weight so I need to be careful and also any medical professionals I see say you should not restrict the diet too much as its unhealthy so it can be very confusing.

My major symptoms are a sinus pressure on and off, buzzy ears, oral thrush, and I get a pain in my thigh off and on, however I have improved with my body itching, rectal itching, (totally gone) flatulence and lump in throat. I still feel a bit tired but I think my memory has sharpened a bit. I think my anxiety has improved also but I do notice that die off ( from the nystatin) causes me to be moody and irritable and thats why I cant really cope with it, I feel I’ve gone through a lot of die off so Im hoping Ive progressed to some extent too but I know its still a good way off – I suppose though at this stage Im hoping to feel symptom free soon and healthier and then I can cope well with continuing the restricted diet and natural antifungals

I am happy to hear of your progress too, its soo good to know someone is going through the same thing cause its not easy.