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Jo*Jo wrote: I’ve had it on and off for years but only continuous for the last 3 years – when the my candida really started to show. For me, its always worse at night. I’m hoping the diet will get rid of it.

Hi Jo Jo,

Yes mine is always worse at night but I was not sure if it is caused by something I take in the pm or perhaps it’s because it’s less of the noise at that time. I am also hoping I will eventually get rid of it but now worry that perhaps I did do some damage to my ears with the iPod. I did it for years and years. I used to blast it while biking and working as it helps me get into the mood and concentrate. Since I got sick loud music was bothering me so just now I started getting back into it while driving and stuff.

Oh well, if this needs to be my last symptom that stays, I will still be happy as I got rid of some serious ones 🙂