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bighopes wrote: I have it too – its like a bus is driving through my ears – I find it comes and goes all the time but cant be noticebale after a probiotic and after taking antifungal. How is your sinus pressure now ? – as these tubes are all connected ? Its good that this is one of your only symptoms left though at this stage

Hi bighopes,

The sinus pressure pretty much gone. Most of the time I breathe just fine. Rarely my nose would feel a little stuffy in the morning when I get up but usually doesn’t stay for long.

I am getting my strength back slowly. I am molybdenum free for three days and no die-off. I have better or worse days but never bad and mostly my days are good now. Occasionally I have a minor ache somewhere in my body and a bit of lightheadiness but it doesn’t stay for long and usually just a cup of nettle tea or lemon water helps take it away. I am on nistatin and probiotic therapy prescribed by my OBGYN (in addition to my regular probiotic) so little bit of die-off came back at the beginning of that, but since I’m half way through it’s pretty much gone as well. My mood is so much better, I am laughing again and playing with my girls (more than yelling ha!). I am mostly stress free.

I successfully introduced 15 blueberries per day (Raster’s recipe hahahah, but I don’t have it every day) and half a grapefruit twice a week every other week with skipping one lemon drink. Getting ready to try Greek yoghurt again next sometimes this week. Last time I started eating it, some of my symptoms came back so I held off for couple of weeks before trying it again.

I don’t seem to need that much food as I did at the beginning of the treatment and am not loosing any pounds but am steady at 64kg for over a month now.

The only two symptoms I really still have is that ear noise and chronic thirst and feeling dehydrated most of the time. I do have stomach pain occasionally but that turned out to be because of the hiatus hernia and erosion caused by food pushed back up out of my stomach. I am on a therapy that is supposed to help with erosion and am eating 4-5 smaller meals per day so it is getting better.

How are you feeling these days bighopes? Are your sinuses any better?