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bighopes wrote: woah Arijana,
you really have improved but are you on nystatin (antifungal medication)? I cannot continue with the nystatin unless when I get the molybdenum it helps me. I am going to just try and work with natural antifungal foods ( coconut oil and garlic) and stay on my probiotics for a while and see how it works.

I am still having symptoms on and off – but I seem to be getting other sicknesses too – me and the baby got a vommitting bug and I also had a flu so its kind of knocking me back and I suppose I do keep playing around with my diet a little too much but I am 58kg and do not want to loose any more weight so I need to be careful and also any medical professionals I see say you should not restrict the diet too much as its unhealthy so it can be very confusing.

My major symptoms are a sinus pressure on and off, buzzy ears, oral thrush, and I get a pain in my thigh off and on, however I have improved with my body itching, rectal itching, (totally gone) flatulence and lump in throat. I still feel a bit tired but I think my memory has sharpened a bit. I think my anxiety has improved also but I do notice that die off ( from the nystatin) causes me to be moody and irritable and thats why I cant really cope with it, I feel I’ve gone through a lot of die off so Im hoping Ive progressed to some extent too but I know its still a good way off – I suppose though at this stage Im hoping to feel symptom free soon and healthier and then I can cope well with continuing the restricted diet and natural antifungals

I am happy to hear of your progress too, its soo good to know someone is going through the same thing cause its not easy.

Hi bighopes,

I am not taking nystatin orally, my OBGYN prescribed it vaginally plus probiotics which are meant for vaginal flora (see my response to Chloe above). I had a die-off from it first few days, luckily I was still taking molybdenum then, but now I get some of it, totally bearable and I did not have to take molybdenum for like 4-5 days now. When I doubled probiotic I god die-off again but its never so bad anymore. Didn’t end up in bed for a month 🙂

I also finally resorted to taking only natural antifungals and even those with moderation (I used to get dizzy from just drinking chamomile tea). I am waiting to finish the current therapy and then will experiment with black seed oil first and see if that kicks in some die-off. I am saving coconut oil for finish line 🙂 I will be taking vacation in about two weeks and don’t plan to go anywhere so I will be able to test more antigungals then (in case I get some serious die-off). I’m sure I am not cured, but I am feeling so much better.

Now that you mention it, my lump in the throat is gone too. I even forgot about it completely!

We all rushed into getting rid of candida, but that seems like a wrong approach for me. For people who have smaller infestations, why not? But for some of us who experienced a reaction (die-off or some other kind) to almost anything we ate, it’s so much better to take a step back and just go very slow. Once you get stable and start getting into better mood, knock off some symptoms, it all gets so much better then and easier. At that point little die-off is not that difficult (from my own experience).

I must tell you one thing, I realized that anxiety plays a big role here. I am not saying we don’t have symptoms, but I noticed that it also matters how you deal with them. Let me explain what I mean. Before I would test a food item, I would get some reaction, perhaps not even that serious, and I would get all stressed about it, worry about it etc. This creates a huge reaction and makes me ill over few bites of new food. Once my anxiety calmed down (it’s barely there these days), I deal with those differently and discover that sometimes it’s not a reaction in the first place but who knows what (it could be anxiety for all I know). Let me give you an example. I tested ginger past few days. I made a nice eggplant stir fry (without any soy sauce). I started eating it for lunch and I got a sensation, slight lightheadiness, heat going through my veins, increased heartbeat etc. So I stopped eating it and just ate the boiled egg. As I got busy at work, I realized none of the initial symptoms were there anymore. I was hungry so I just said heck with it, I’ll eat it and then suffer. Same thing started but I continued eating it. Half way through it was gone. I finished the meal to the end. I did feel a bit crappy, not too much, in the afternoon, but it seemed more like a die-off (not sure if ginger can cause it or something else did it) and it was gone in few hours after a cup of nettle leaf tea and lemon water (another pointer that it was probably die-off).

So what I’m trying to say from my own experience is, stick with what you can eat with confidence, wait for all the dust to settle and for stability and clearing of most of symptoms. As long as you are experiencing die-off, candida is dying so wait for it to reduce its numbers enough and then things will settle down. Once things settle down you will regain your confidence and anxiety will go down. Once anxiety goes down you can become an observer of your symptoms and treatment progress and not get involved emotionally that much. This helps you stay objective and not cause symptoms to get worse by stressing about them.

I am now experimenting what I can get away with eating from the approved items and I will deal with rest of the beast slowly after I am happy about what I eat and stable in terms of symptoms/die-off.

FYI I stopped my weight loss with oat bran and butter. I am making oat bran/buckwheat bread and I don’t watch how many slices of that I have since it is all prebiotic and just feeds the good guys in the gut, I just eat however many slices I need to feel full. I also make a cream out of three tablespoons of oat bran few times a week and throw in 15 blueberries in there and a teaspoon of butter. On those days I knock off one lemon water (6 grams of sugar) and make sure not to eat tomato or some other veggy which is slightly higher in sugar. This works for me pretty well in terms of feeling full and not loosing any weight.

I hope you get there soon bighopes!