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Hello Yi,

1. Do you use Cotton buds perhaps?
2. Also do you have flaking coming from the eardrum?

1. I had quite a few years ago when I used cotton buds, wax that had gotten pushed through the eardrum I think, and accumulated, and I had a constant congestion for a few weeks, untill it finally came back through the eardrum again and I could get it out.

2. I had a very mild case of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis a few months ago, which is fungal, which then spread to the ears, and became a very mild case of Otitis Externa, more specificly Otomycosis I believe, I didn’t get any discharges or anything, I only got skinflakings from the ear drum, tickling and I had to get it out a few times a day, long story short my doctor told me to get a antifungal & antidandruff & antiinflammatory shampoo called Fungoral in Sweden which is prescription free, with the active ingredient being Ketoconazole, the US equivalent being Nizoral. I use it 2 times a week when I shower, and massage it in the face, ears(yes in the ear canal, carefull if you have long/sharp nails) and on the scalp, the ear problem congestion & flaking was resolved within 2 weeks, and the Seborrhoeic soon after aswell. But then again I had also started the diet by then, so no sugar and eating antifungals I suppose I wasn’t a very hospitable host anymore.