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saikiran.kottapally;53952 wrote: Thankyou very much for answering my questions Nikki. On Diflucan medication did u find any improvement and were you able to eat normally with diflucan.

Can you please suggest any doctors in Hyderabad (or near by cities like chennai,banglore) who can understand candidasis.

Once I started taking Diflucan most of my symptoms disappeared with in a week, they come back if I go on a very bad diet…like heavy drinking, and lot of junk food. I was surprised when some symptoms which I thought are no way related to candida also disappeared once I started diflucan.

I am mostly on a normal diet now, I eat brown rice at home, and white rice occasionally. I eat normally when outside…I try to avoid wheat, but i still eat it.

But after few months on 100 mg it got ineffective so my doctor increased the dosage to 200mg.

I didn’t find any doctors in Hyd, who agreed on this candida. But I went to ayurvedic clinics who atleast knew that the toxics in the body create an imbalance which causes all these issues.

You can try with them. I didn’t follow up with them because I dont live there and they were suggesting treatments which take few months to years. But they were the ones who got closest to the problem.