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1.How many days should i continue this diet. it is difficult to follow this diet and maintain weight?

I went on the strict diet mentioned here for 6 months, ended up losing more than 10 kgs. Just the diet will never cure even if you stay on it for 10 years.

2. I am planning to add antifungal diflucan to my diet plan. what dosage should i start with and what is the duration. Should i go for LFT after few days of dosage?

My doctor started me with 100mg/day, and now on 200mg /day. I am on diflucan for the past year and a half. He asks me to do some liver tests every few months. So you need to ask this question to a doctor.

3. i consulted 7-10 gastrentrologists and no one cares about candidasis. Will homeopathy consultation help in my case?

No use I guess, try homeopathy and see what they say. Try any ayurvedic clinics there, they at least accepted that thats a problem, and that its because of toxics in the body.
Especially if you are born and brought in Hyd (in one of those industrial areas).

For me Ayurvedic guys told that it was because of toxics/pollution. I disregarded them, then in the US a doctor tested me for heavy metal toxicity and found out I had lots of Mercury Toxicity which is causing the issues. He put me on a detox program from then.

Becareful before you take anything from those Ayurvedic guys for detox, Mercury detox especially will cause more damage if done improperly.