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Hi Jenny,

You are not alone, and I know how you feel. I have known conciously that my diet has been poor – full of sweets, coffee, alcohol, and carbs. About 6 months ago, I quit smoking, and since then, I have been emotionally eating to cope with stress/loneliness. It is a sad fact, but it is true. I would buy a piece of cake, or chocolate, or cookies to make me feel good, but then instanteously, I would regret it.

Not until recently did I decide to take contorl of my life. For a few months now I ahve had skin irritatiosn all over my body, and itchy/red eyes about 6 different times. My cravings were so hard to deny, and often I would just eat. One night, I couldn’t stop scratching myself, and the next day I started reading on cleanses.

Don’t jump in to a cleanse. You have to be mentally ready to change your life. I personally emailed all of my friends, and told them about my condition, and my plan for a cleanse. I asked them all to understand, and be aware that I would not be attending dinners out, etc. You have to make the choice that you want to get better. Like I had, I had known for a while, but I kept abusing my body, until it got so bad and I couldn’t take it anymore – I knew I had to make a change.

I started the Diet last Monday, and was doing excpetionally well sticking to it. Once you are aware of what is in your food, and what it does to your own body, you won’t want the bad stuff as much becaus you know how it will make you feel. And in exchange, you won’t miss it either.

I worked as a pastry chef for 6 months, and naturally, chocoalte is my favourite food. I love culinary arts and I love food in general. But it is important to be aware of why you love food. Is it the art? or is it an addiction?

I hope this makes you feel a bit better. Stay strong, and if you keep slipping up, I’d say it is because you are not mentally and emotionally prepared to change your life. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to, you should conscioulsy be aware of your changes to lifestyle, and proud of it. Take your time, it will come.

– Ray