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Hello Able,

My doctor said that molybdenum will remove too many of the minerals from my body such as iron, calcium, and other metal related minerals. He stated that I need these to fight candida and it can cause in inbalance. I believe he feels that there is too many consequences when compared to benefits.

I hear you on not having time to do the sauna, its very understandable and its hard to fit it in with your daily routine.

I am considering going to a new naturopath to get a second opinion on what kind of treatments/supplements I should do because it seems that this guy is too concerned about making money. For instance, the enzymes and homeopaths seem unecessary and he should possibly be mentioning molybdenum and grape bitters instead. Also, at the beginning he wanted me to take this expensive blood test that is only available in spain, and this just seems silly.

Jenny; the bread is allowed throughout the diet and the grape bitters should start about week 2 of the strict diet.