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Hey 🙂 Thank you for you answer, I am definitely going to purchase the molybdenum, do you by any chance have any recommended site from which to buy ? Also, I have already bought the ThreeLac and I do not really want to waste it, when do you think I should use that ? Maybe stage 2 ?And concerning the yogurt, how about Activia and other probiotic yogurts found in Tesco’s? does it necessarily have to be greek style one? And if I start like adding antifungals lets say every two weeks another one, wouldnt I end up taking a lot of them at the same time ? Like in detox stage I wouldnt take any, then I will add coconut oil, but can I still eat raw garlic as well ? And after two weeks, I will add f.e. oregano oil and after another two weeks I will add caprylic acid and I end up using molybdenum, raw garlic, coconut oil , caprylic acid and oregano oil daily, isnt that too much ? And is it the same if I add coconut oil to my food and eating a spoon of it ? Can I also ask you, are you a previous candida sufferer ?
Thank you Able :)Jenny