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Once you do the diet, you start to feel better after a few weeks. After doing the diet strictly for months, you feel great again! Feeling great again gets you motivated to try harder and live healthier.

I now look at most food as being poisonuous. I never thought that this would happen to me considering that I once loved sugar, alcohol, and all of the bad foods you can’t have on the diet. But I look around and see america medicated, overweight, and lazy…and realize that candida has caused great problems to our society. Seeing the problems in america and myself gives me strength to try harder and be healthier.

Able: Thanks for the links and post. I know some of my statements were poor, I just wanted to get you going on the topic. I will check into molybdenum more; my naturopathic doctor is highly against it and feels that it can cause a lot of problems, so I returned it to the store for now.