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lettingo wrote: Somebody mentioned nuts and seeds having mould and not being an ideal candida food. My candida diet was going to consist of nuts, seeds, vegetables and non sweet fruit (lemons, avocado, cucumber). Do I have to eliminate nuts and seeds to eliminate my candida?? That just leaves me.. vegetables and non sweet fruit? ;/ I mean I might as well do a juice fast in that case?????…. /SIGH!

Sorry, why is it you can’t eat eggs? Organic eggs work fine with the Candida diet.
If you can’t eat them, yogurt and kefir have lots of protein. You can make kefir at home for a better quality, and purchase Organic Non-sweetened Greek Yogurt to eat.

If you have to eat nuts, eat almonds, they contain fewer molds, supposedly. Lots of people soak them in water overnight, but if you soak many at one time, they’ll develop mold again if they aren’t eaten quickly or dried after soaking, such as in an oven.