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raster wrote: Able: Thanks for the links and post. I know some of my statements were poor, I just wanted to get you going on the topic. I will check into molybdenum more; my naturopathic doctor is highly against it and feels that it can cause a lot of problems, so I returned it to the store for now.

Raster, did you ask the doc WHY he was so against it? Does he have the research which proves that it does more harm than good? Those questions would have been my first response to him.

You know, just because they have the title “doctor” in front of their names doesn’t make them our decision maker, and it doesn’t mean they know everything there is to know about vitamins and other supplements, or anything else for that matter. In fact, when I’ve visited seminars on alternative health and the healing values of vitamin and mineral supplements, the people who showed the least amount of knowledge on the subject were visiting doctors.

I’m aware that you are an active advocate of saunas and soaking in hot baths for expelling the C. albicans toxins, but some of us simply don’t have the time to linger in either one as often and for as long as it takes to do the job alone. Between working, meeting clients, and replying to posts on the forum, I’m doing one of those for about 15 hours a day. That didn’t leave me a lot of time for visiting saunas or soaking for an hour in a hot tub every time I felt the nauseating effects of die-off during my treatment. I’m sure I’m not the only person with a typical day such as that, especially considering the parents who work and take care of several children every day.

PS: But a long soak in a hot tub at least once over the weekend is always a nice change.