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Hi Jenny!

You have to get out of that whole “I have to eat to be around my friends” thing. I realize this post is a bit older, but even before I went on the diet, I would go to the movies with family and not eat the popcorn (a tub usually has enough sat fat in it for the whole week lol) or sodas (the instantly dehydrate me) and I didn”t make excuses. Didn’t explain myself, got water and politely declines “bites” from anybody.

Your choices are your own! Likewise, going out with friends. I almost NEVER do, but when I did on NYE, I saw a bunch of old friends who were drinking to celebrate! Since I wasn’t on the diet (then, I thought I was cured lol) I had A COUPLE of drinks, nothing like them. I actually was standing in a club drinking water! But even though I tired out early, and did go home before all of them, they all called or texted the next day and said thanks for coming out. And invited me out again!

I would have no problem going to a restaurant and ordering vegetarian to keep clear of tainted meats, water with lemon to avoid alcohol, and ending the night feeling better about my choices. Your friends will just think you’re trying to lose weight lol