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raster wrote: I do not agree with this statement “It’s not going to harm you.” Molybdenum removes many minerals from your body; mainly metals such as copper, zinc, iron, etc. Your body in general needs these minerals to get better and it could pull out too much from your body depending on your chemistry, makeup, etc. Molybdenum does help heal your gut and does a bunch of other beneficial things; but there is a downside to using molybdenum. Molybdenum can cause diarrhea, growth retardation, infertility, low birth weight and gout; it can also affect the lungs, kidneys and liver.

Raster, the symptoms you’ve named are possible if too much or an overdose of Molybdenum is taken during a short period of time, and a Molybdenum overdoses are extremely rare. Plus, a copper deficiency would already have to be present for it to cause a problem, and then again, an overdose of the Molybdenum would have to be taken for additional symptoms to appear.

Taking too much of a probiotic can cause infections which would necessitate a treatment of antibiotics, especially in people with underlying health conditions such as Candida. Too much could cause a gene transfer which means insertion of genetic material into the cells, or it could cause an unhealthy metabolic activity and too much stimulation of the human immune system which would overwork the immune system causing it to crash, or …. should I go on?

Too much oil of oregano is toxic to the body and can cause contact dermatitis, excessive vomiting, tingling or numbness in the mouth; it can inhibit iron absorption which leads to anemia and other serious iron-related conditions.

Too much calcium will cause muscle weakness, vomiting, and excessive urination leading to dehydration, a too high or low heart rate, kidney stones, and coma.

An overdose of magnesium will cause the same symptoms as calcium with the addition of problems with breathing.

Too much fruit can cause a Candida infestation. Should we tell even those who have never suffered with Candida that they should discontinue all fruits from their diet, forever?

I could add the thousands of possible dangers of overdosing with medications and prescription drugs that most of us are taking at least one of.

If all you say is true regardless of an overdose, why is Molybdenum found naturally in the human body without ever taking a supplement? Should we look into having what is already there naturally removed by some unheard of surgery before we all contract the symptoms you mentioned?

Isn’t it logical to say that if we should stop taking Molybdenum because of the possible overdose symptoms, we should also stop all of the products and supplements which contain overdose warnings?

I assume you can see the complete lack of logic that your statement holds, or are you suggesting that we start including all of the possible side effects and overdose symptoms with every supplement we suggest to the readers?