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raster wrote: Alright able, I didn’t know about all of the possible side effects of all of these supplements.
I’d like to see some links that you may have about molybdenum and candida research if you have them.


Only a small portion of the information concerning supplements, herbs, and alternative medicines that I post come from the Internet, most of it comes from notebooks filled with notes I’ve taken over the past 15 years of studying journals and research papers concerning alternative medications, herbs, and the use of supplements and minerals in the treatment of various illnesses as well as notes I’ve made from seminars on alternative health care which I’ve attended over the years. Some of the information has actually come from my own experiments. If I find a specific research study that is posted online, I normally include it in a post.
But I just did a quick search online to see what I could find as far as a notable and trustworthy reference to Molybdenum and Candida toxins, just for you, Raster.

Your Quote: And they said “Molybdenum has a blanket reputation for breaking down yeast by-products into forms that the body could excrete.”

“Yeast by-products” is of course a reference to the toxins called aldehydes which the dying Candida excrete; Molybdenum nullifies the potency of aldehyde by breaking it down or converting it into acetic acid.

The following quote was written by David Schlesinger a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in Candidiasis related illness, multiple chemical sensitivities, and heavy metal toxicity.

“We strongly recommend the use of the following supplements along with Formula SF722 to optimize the body’s capacity to neutralize toxins produced by Candida organisms as well as maximizing your immune system’s potential for combating Candida; Molybdenum, Pantethine, Wow Drops and Complete Thymic Formula.”

The following statement was taken from an article titled, “A Health-Destroying Toxin No One Can Avoid” on the subject of ‘Acetaldehyde Relief” written by Carolyn Pierini, Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science, American Society for Clinical Pathology.

“…. B1, B2, B6, lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, B3, calcium pantothenate (B5), vitamin C, Molybdenum, zinc, magnesium and betaine. These neuroprotective nutrients are especially important for individuals who smoke or produce acetaldehyde in their bodies as a consequence of alcohol consumption or Candidiasis.”

The following is an excerpt from “The Art of Getting Well” written by Dr. George Miroff, Dr. Richard Mowles, Jack, M. Blount – Foundation for the Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease, A.K.A. The Arthritis Trust of American, the Digest of Chiropractics, January-February, 1991.

Quote: “(Patients who have) a problem with an olfactory challenge with an aldehyde will be found to be in need of one or more of the nutrients associated with the metabolism of aldehydes, that is niacinamide, riboflavin, iron and molybdenum.”

You wrote, “Molybdenum deficiencies are very rare among humans; therefore most practitioners do not recommend supplements.”

I just found the following informative quotes online concerning the lack of
deficiencies of other vitamins and supplements:

“Because the good bacteria in the gut are a form of vitamin K, it is extremely rare for someone to have a vitamin K deficiency.” (Sounds like they’re insinuating that ‘good bacteria’ in the human system is plentiful in nearly all cases. Makes one wonder why there are so many infections and diseases caused by a low immune system since it is in essence the beneficial flora in our systems.),+it+is+extremely+rare+for+someone+to+have+a+vitamin+K+deficiency%22&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

“(Calcium) deficiencies are rare except in aging, when supplementation may help absorb calcium.”
(But then I also found this post – online – “Calcium deficiency is a major concern in the United States. Over 75% of Americans don’t get what they need.”)

“Vitamin E deficiency is rare and is almost never caused by a poor diet.”

“Biotin (B7) deficiency is rare.”

“Protein Deficiency is rare in the U.S.”

“Sodium deficiency is rare.”

“Vitamin B deficiencies are rare.”

“Iodine deficiencies are rare.”

“Human selenium deficiency is rare”

Wow, it makes us wonder, if so many nutrients are found in abundance in the average American body, why are doctors offices and hospitals filled with people suffering from so many different illnesses? I think we all know that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the major cause of most illnesses.
I imagine by looking online I could find the same quote concerning just about every vitamin or nutrient known to man.

You wrote, “I just am skeptical of it working really well as a supplement.”

If you’re speaking of the ability of Molybdenum to reduce the effects of the toxins released by dying Candida, I can personally attest to its success in that area. It’s the only way I was able to withstand the die-off symptoms produced by heavy doses of antifungals as well as the quickly elevated amounts of probiotics and homemade kefir which I subjected myself to in order to cure the infestation as quickly as possible. Of course I don’t recommend doing this to any of the forum readers as it’s dangerous, but I knew what I was doing and was aware of the chances I was taking. Plus, I trusted the Molybdenum to do what I expected it to, and it worked perfectly once I reached the dosage I needed, which was much higher than the recommended dose on the labels.