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Hello, Thomas.

Quote: “Then I was eating an apple and bread and cheese. Now after a week of total diet breakdown, I still got a feeling of adrenalin playing harvoc with my life. But I am not in panic but it feels standing around the corner. I am afraid to go to sleep and kept for the first 3 days sugar water near to me.
I know this must feel strange but if you went through that night with me you understand that I broke after that long and clean diet.”

Reply: Do you have diabetes? You didn’t mention it if you do, so I’m going to assume that you’re not a diabetic.
What you need to understand is that your anxiety and panic attacks do not come from a lack of sugar, but from the fact that you are suffering from a full-body infestation of Candida albicans. Eating or drinking sugar is not going to help you at all, but only make symptoms worse as time goes by. Instead of sugar, for the time being concentrate on your breathing; deep breaths but not to the point of it being a strain, simple inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly. Concentrate on your breathing and not what you’re experiencing. I’d like for you to purchase a bottle of 5-HTTP and take three capsules a day, morning, noon, and just before bedtime. has these available.
If you can obtain these from someplace else which would be more convenient for you, this is fine, but whatever brand you find, be sure to get the 100 mg capsules. This should help you sleep. In addition, you can purchase a supplement called Methylsulfonylmethane, known as MSM on the open market. Get the 100 mg size and you can take up to four a day. This will help with the panic attacks as well as depression. You should get these as soon as possible to relieve the attacks and the constant feeling that you’re about to experience one.
This is going to sound silly, but there’s a scientific reason for it; when you feel an attack approaching, whistle a song with which you’re familiar. The act of whistling will force you to breathe normally, therefore correcting the O2/CO2 imbalance.

I found a way to translate the ingredients in the multivitamin, and it seems fine.
If you can avoid the intake of more sugar or carbohydrates, and do what we suggest on the forum, I believe we can at the very least get you on the correct path to a recovery.

Meat Protein:
It appears that you eat an awful lot of animal meats, which means your body is digesting a lot of animal protein. A byproduct of animal protein metabolism is ammonia which is toxic to the body, and it creates an added workload for the liver which is already overworked by the Candida toxins which included additional ammonia. This is saying that Candida albicans create ammonia gases on their own which is environmentally safe for the Candida. In other words, ammonia is a benefit to the environment as far as making it more hospitable for Candida albicans to thieve. Every time you eat an animal product, you create this ammonia which poisons your liver and body in general. The higher the protein content, the more ammonia is created. Because of their protein, eggs are not nearly as bad, so I would try to eat organic eggs more often and fish or fowl a few times a week. I would leave any type of beef alone for at least two months of the diet.