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Hello, Thomas, welcome to the forum.

The drunken feeling you described sounds very much like either the Candida infestation or die-off, and so do the following symptoms that you’ve experienced:

muscle pain
vibrating in the entire body which feels like ants
dizzy and cold
general and ongoing itching
anxiety, stress, and panic attacks

Replies to your questions are below.

Question: “He said that it could be adrenalin. But why is my body pushing out adrenalin?”

Reply: The emotional stress which you’re having during the entire infestation period is producing adrenaline as well as additional hormones; this causes your body to draw the stored oxygen in your body in an attempt to counteract the problem which in turn causes severe oxidation, the results of which are a lowered immune system which causes the infestation to worsen.

Question: “I was never dying for sweets and chocolate but I love junk food and fast food with a lot of spices and salt. Does that mean I don’t have candida after all? What is it then I suffer from?”

Reply: This doesn’t mean you don’t have a Candida albicans infestation. Men will normally not experience the sugar cravings nearly as much as women do. According to the symptoms, I would guess that you have a Candida infestation, if this is not your problem, then the doctor should have been able to discover what the problem was. A Candida infestation is difficult for medical doctors to test and diagnose.

A few questions for you:

Specifically which ‘root vegetables’ did you stop eating?

What was the purpose of drinking pure sugar water? Excessive sugar has been known to set off panic and anxiety attacks.

The only way we’ll know what to tell you is for us to know exactly what you are eating and drinking on a daily basis – or even occasionally. Also we’ll need to know about any supplements, vitamins, or medications you’re presently taking. As far as supplements and vitamins are concerned, we’ll need brand names and/or links to the exact product if possible.

Thanks, Able