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raster wrote: Hello Thomas,

I would alter your diet slightly if your serious about getting better. Please view this post:

I would consider not eating the beef and switch to seafood/chicken only if possible. Also, the potatoes contain small amounts of sugar/starch which is best to be saved for a later phase of the diet. I would eat as much veggies as possible.

If you experience major die-off during the diet (first 2 weeks); you will typically feel really ill. If you wanted, try molybdenum after a week or two. A week after that I would then add a probiotic (this will be the most important thing you will need to get your body healed). There are more supplements/vitamins you can take, but for now these would be the most important to focus on.


thank you Raster, I already started to take the meat away and focus on eggs, veggies and fish. I will have a hard time getting all the stuff needed as I live in the north of Sweden. Its much like Alaska here, so this is meat area and 9 month of snow and not much people living here who love veggies. I love veggies but they are not so easy to find in the shops here, its mostly tomatoes, cucumbers and and a salad they call ice salad, the same stuff they put of McDonalds Hamburgers. This crispy not tasting anything salad.

Thank you for all the help. I have problems with the link, when I click on it I get to this my own Thread here.