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Hello Thomas,

I had these same symptoms/problems as well and I went to the hospital because they were so bad(they did nothing). There are a few things that could possibly be happening, and I will tell what they may be based on my own experience.

1)The earthquake thing you are mentioning sounds very much like seizures. I once had them too because my candida/health was so bad. One night I woke up and thought I was in an earthquake, I ran out of my bed ran to the ground wimpering of freight. I felt pathetic and scared (no earthquake of course). It was me having a seizure. If you don’t address this, it could be very serious; you may want to consult a doctor. Or you can tough it out and try to improve your life/health on your own; your call.

Question #1: Do you have any kind of toxic mold problems in your apartment or large amounts of dust? I personally had a mold problem (very light amount) and it caused seizures. Once I moved, and freed myself of dust/mold, I stopped having them. Do you feel good when not in apartment?

2)The panic attack thing you are mentioning sounds very similar to hyperventilation; your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. You feel dizzy, experience tremors, etc. This causes you to freak out, further causing more symptoms.

Please look up hyperventilation and seizures to see whether you are having these symptoms. A good immediate way to balance your bodies ph/oxygen level is to drink some baking soda in water. This will help with the panic attack and symptoms you may experience with hyperventilation. Lemon also works (in water). These are for immediate results; long term use could pose problems.

It sounds like your body is very unhealthy right now in general. You are going to have to approach the healing of your body on a number of fronts. You may want to consult a naturopathic or holistic doctor for advice on how to get better, because your body is at a critical point right now. I think your problems may go beyond candida in other words…the infestation of candida is definitely a strong part of what is effecting your body.

I purchased an air purifier when I was having the seizures and it definitely helped me get more oxygen and alleviated the symptoms. While I am not saying that you should do the same, its just something to consider.

You going to be on the road to recovery for awhile, but starting with the candida diet is a good plan.

Do you have ressless leg syndrome? Has your wife watched you as you slept recently?

What are you currently eating in your diet? What vitamins/supplements are you taking other than the multivitamin?