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Concerning whether or not taking a probiotic supplement during a course of antibiotics would beneficial: A study was done in 2009 (as far as I recall) on the result of administering antibiotics and probiotics during the same period of time. Volunteers in different groups were given either both antibiotics and probiotics or only the antibiotic to test for effects on the intestinal micro-flora as well as yeast in the intestines throughout a seven day course of a strong antibiotic.

The results showed that the number of yeast did increase in both groups, however, in the group that was given the probiotics there was less of an increase in yeast. In addition, at the end of the seven day period the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines of this group was much higher than the group that was not given the probiotic. Even better, the time that it took for their intestinal flora to return to the original starting point was tested in both groups, and the group given the probiotics took a much shorter period of time to return to the original point. This is why it’s beneficial to take the probiotics in at least the same amount as before, which brings me to ask what the count of your probiotic is and how many strains does it contain?

As far as psyllium is concerned, I would recommend flaxseed before the psyllium if for no other reason than safety. Also, Heather’s Tummy Fiber – Organic Acacia is a good fiber source, and it’s a proven prebiotic (a prebiotic is any food source for the beneficial bacteria in your system).

Concerning the Candida Clear, I looked at two types, the single capsules and the combination of two capsules, one containing enzymes. To be honest I wouldn’t waste my money on either product for several reasons. For example, in the single capsule dosage the oregano oil should be liquid and not capsules. The Caprylic acid amount isn’t near enough, and neither is the biotin amount. A decent dosage of Caprylic acid in treating Candida should be around 3600 mg per day in divided doses taken with meals, and you would be better off buying pure organic coconut oil as a Caprylic acid source. The biotin dosage should be closer to 6 mg instead of 2. Magnesium is also in the capsules, and you shouldn’t take magnesium without calcium as they depend on each other.

As far as the combined capsules are concerned, they’re even worse. This form contains cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes, both of which break down certain enzymes in vegetables. Do you know what the by-product is when vegetable enzymes are broken down and combined with cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes? A type of sugar which will feed the Candida.

Please keep us posted as to your progress while on the antibiotics.