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Hi Mirageman… I cook for my husband and 4 kids and some evenings we have 6 different meals!! Baby mush, 2 toddlers (one is a coeliac), a fussy teen… and a 20 stone rugby player who loves his carbs! There’s no way I could or would expect them to go on this diet, as it’s so limiting… and also because whole food groups are avoided I don’t think it would be wise for active children or teens to be on it?

On the other hand… since I’ve become so focussed on what is in food and where it comes from, I’ve naturally started cooking far healthier food for the rest of the clan! Organic meat & veg can be 3 or 4 times the price here so I usually keep the bulk of that for myself and give the rest “Free range” or “farm fresh” and source locally where possible.

What I do a lot of nights is roast an organic chicken and then do homemade oven chips and steam some peas, brocolli & carrots for the 3 younger kids… meanwhile I slow roast loads of “allowed” mixed veg for myself, teen & hubbie (and a couple jacket potatoes for them)and then steam some greens like brocolli/ spinach last minute. The plates end up looking quite different but it just different portions of the same food (i.e. my plate is mostly veg, hubby is mainly spuds!). I also save some plain chicken juices for myself and dolly up the rest of the gravy with some granules for the rest.

Other nights I do loads of mixed roast & steamed veg and then grill a few chops (lamb, pork, duck) for hubby & teen.